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Global change starts on a local level


About Apparent Winds

A long sea odyssey in a sailboat is no minor feat, especially during a global pandemic. For Tripp Brower and Zach Bjur, what started as an attempted circumnavigation of the globe became an opportunity to explore the vast seascapes of the Pacific while gaining a unique perspective on the effects climate change is having on the people and wildlife living among the islands and coastal communities along their route back home.

Apparent Winds is an environmental adventure documentary with bold ambitions. Featuring a global cast of characters, two American educators from Charleston, South Carolina attempt a two-year circumnavigation of the Earth in a 40’ sailboat to learn how local and international organizations collaborate with island and coastal community groups to repair and rebuild the natural systems around them to mitigate the effects of climate change locally while restoring healthy oceans, globally. When the COVID-19 pandemic shuts down global travel, Zach and Tripp chart a new route home full of exotic locations and fascinating people from Polynesia to the Aleutian Islands. 

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Apparent Winds

Sailing Around The World 2019-2021

"Apparent wind is the wind we feel when in motion. The relative velocity of true wind and our movement in relation to it. Apparent Winds is a journey around the world, using that concept as a metaphor, exploring human perspective in relation to shared natural forces." -- Tripp Brower

J. Henry will set sail from Charleston, South Carolina in November 2019 and return after circumnavigating the globe. In addition to observing the environmental changes and challenges faced by coastal communities around the world, we intend to explore the cultural impacts of globalization and a shifting climate. We will be connecting with people who are actively adapting to these changes and developing culture-shifting solutions within their communities.
The journey will be a shared experience through film, photography, and written word.