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How You Can Help

We believe that the solution to climate change starts at the community level. Through a grassroots effort on a global scale with partnerships from foundations and international organizations, we can work to protect our world from the harmful effects of climate change.

This is why we choose to model our documentary film project like one of the initiatives that we will be covering. It all starts with you. With Donate2It, we hope to gather a community around this project and include each of you in the process of its creation. We have formed a non-profit called Enduring Curiosity to support and enhance our Education and Outreach initiatives we are implementing through this film, the expedition, and our partnering organizations. With your help, we can produce a high-quality immersive education experience for students and community organizations in order to inspire hope in a resilient future through a great focus on stewardship and empowerment of key natural systems through community engagement.

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